25 May 2021


Michael Lamonato

Michael Lamonato

Alex Jacques

Alex Jacques

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R05: F1 Monaco Grand Prix 2021

Featuring C4 F1 commentator Alex Jacques.

A cruise for Red Bull Racing but catastrophe for Mercedes. Max Verstappen wins the Monaco Grand Prix at a canter to take the lead in the championship standings, but how did it all go so wrong for Lewis Hamilton?

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Alex Jacques CF F1 Commentator

Strategy Insights thanks to F1 Trends

* Raw lap times comparisons for Verstappen and Vettel
* Partial laps, lap #1, In/out laps have been removed in the presented data
* Linear trend lines for the presented data has been indicated as dotted line while a 2nd deg polynomial fit is used with a solid line
* A linear penalty is applied each lap to counter the speed gained each lap of the GP due to reducing fuel loads.
* This comparison assumes both cars to be rated at full fuel load throughout the whole GP
the fuel correction factor was approximated from a previous (2020) GP where an averaging analysis was done on similar stints (tire types) during the race. Average of the top runners was assumed to be the correction factor. This same factor has been used as a generic penalty in this analysis.
* The correction factor was adjusted to be rated for the shorter track/lap at Monaco
linear fitting lines were drawn to show general trends in the data along with the intrinsic depletion/performance degradation rate for each driver/stint
* Stint I for both drivers look interesting where after ~lap 14, the pace starts to get more aligned with general expectations. Possibly traffic in early laps could be a factor amongst others

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